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HEALING HABITS #4 acceptance

This universe, being interested in self-awareness and expansion, will line you - a little piece of universe - up with all kinds of people, places, things, circumstances and situations that will help you expand and become more self-aware. Therefore, don't look at people, places and things expecting them to make you feel good. It is not their duty or role to make you feel good. It is their role to help you expand. When you understand this, it's easier to accept.

Acceptance is currency of love — Teal Swan

To accept doesn't necessarily mean to embrace, like, approve of, agree with, put up with, be easygoing about, accommodate or tolerate. Because people can and will cause you harm. Hurt people hurt people. And we are all hurting from time to time. It's just life. But you need to accept the REALITY of situations before you can have the freedom to decide what to do. To be free means to respond rather than react.

Fear is perhaps the greatest barrier we have to acceptance. We are afraid that if we recognize the reality of a situation, we can’t deal with the consequences. We may spend every waking moment trying to change it because we know that if we accept the reality, we would have to make changes that we don’t want to make bc it's uncomfortable.

When we argue with reality, we lose — but only 100% of the time. — Byron Katie

But you know what's even more uncomfortable? Arguing with reality. To accept life exactly the way it unfolds, means to recognize the reality of it and, stop pushing against what IS by trying to make it any different. Then you may decide what is the right action to take given that reality.

Acceptance and forgiveness are closely related. In order to forgive, it's important to accept first. Read my blog on forgiveness here.

Love, Thalien xx

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