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1.5 hr Massage + Hot Shower for € 55


Ah sweet vanlife. It's ultimate freedom yes, but can also feel spartan at times.   I would know it after having lived in a camper for 4+ years!  Some days all you want is to be pampered and get a soothing massage that feels like a symphony orchestra playing on your back, making those muscles sing in relief. And how about combining that with a hot steamy shower and a fresh towel? 


My name is Thalien (originally from The Netherlands) and I've been a professional masseuse for 2.5 years. I live in the Fuente de Gallo neighborhood of Conil, at about 5 min walk from the place you found my flyer.

The type of massage I offer is Thai Yoga Massage which is a unique and powerful healing art that combines acupressure, stretching and assisted yoga to stimulate the free flow of energy, facilitating the homeostasis of body, mind and soul. ​It is performed on a heated, padded mat on the floor, and the receiver remains fully dressed. ​​

A treatment with me lasts about 90 min. and costs €55. I'm throwing in a free hot shower incl. use of a fresh towel for my camper van / motor home friends. And if you're travelling together, your partner gets a shower for free! 

For an appointment, call me or send me a message via WhatsApp/Signal/Telegram +31616815485

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