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VINYASA YOGA - a nutshell definition

Yoga literally means “union”. Most people in the Western world think of yoga as a physical training, but yoga is primarily a spiritual discipline in which the practice of physical postures with funky names like skandasana is merely one of the stepping stones to attain moksha, meaning liberation or freedom.

The first encounter with this gorgeous word moksha was (of course) through a dog whose path I crossed and was named as such. That, along with my love for moka coffee and freedom as one of my top 3 core values (the other 2 are connection and purpose) make that I delight in hearing this word! Mokshamokshamoksha 💜

Vinyasa is another beautiful (and dog-proof!) Sanskrit word that is formed by linking two words together: Nyasa means, ‘to place’ and Vi means ‘in a special or sacred way’. A truer and broader reflection of the meaning of Vinyasa may be ‘the placement of movements in a sacred and mindful manner’. I love the flowy, playful and yes - sacred - nature of vinyasa yoga and it is a great pleasure and privilege for me to teach others to move like this.

If you'd like to practise with me, check out my upcoming retreats!

Love, Thalien xx

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